Fun Race

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Points: 10 (partial)
Time limit: 2.0s
Memory limit: 512M

Problem type

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Giancarlo is organising this year's annual go-kart race. This race is purely for fun, and so he wants to maximise the excitement that the race can generate. A race with more racers is always more fun, however, the skill level of each racer is not equal, and we don't want the race to be a blowout.

Each racer has a skill level, and its up to Giancarlo to decide what racers to pick so that he maximises the number of racers while avoiding a blowout.

A race is a blowout if the racers can be broken up into two sets, so that all racers in one set are at least 5 skill levels below everyone in the other set. For example, the race with skill levels [9, 13, 3] is a blowout with sets [3] and [9, 13], however the race with skill levels [9, 13, 3, 6] is not a blowout.

Can you help Giancarlo?


Input will begin with a single integer n, the number of available racers.

The next line contain n space-separated integers s_i, the skill levels of the available racers.


Output should contain three integers:

  • The total number of racers Giancarlo can include in the race
  • The smallest skill level of a racer in the race.
  • The highest skill level of a racer in the race.


  • 1 \leq n \leq 10^6
  • 1 \leq s_i \leq 10^9

Example Run

For the following input

22 9 25 13 3 19 14

Your program could output

3 19 25


3 9 14

Since two valid maximal choices are racers [22, 25, 19] or [9, 13, 14].


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