MCPC 21 Results

posted on Oct. 3, 2021, 1:27 p.m.

And with that, MCPC 21 has come to a close!

Thanks to all participants from Monash and elsewhere, we hope you enjoyed the contest!

Despite being held online, MCPC 21 ended up being one of the larger competitions we've held, and one where most teams solved at least 3 problems! This is great to see, and for those teams for which this was your first competition, hopefully you've seen that there is a lot to learn, but also a lot to enjoy :)

Congratulations to EZforUNSW for pulling ahead in the External Competition, fightUsMonash for coming second (With a last second submission for 100 points), and mqcp1 for coming third!

Additionally, Congratulations to Khoa for taking a commanding lead in the Monash Competition, followed by James, Seth and Caitlin in 2nd, and Purna, Ayden and Emmanuel in 3rd.

The spiky end of this contest proved quite difficult for most teams, with noone solving 1 problem, and many of the 100 point problems only seeing a single solve. If you'd like to practice these problems they are still publicly available, either via the virtual contest participation, or from the problem list at

As for results, there is an editorial, available here , and for any further questions, feel free to chuck me an email at

Once again, we hope you enjoyed the contest and all the best for the upcoming divisionals!

Cheers, Jackson


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