MCPC 22 (External)

All times given are in Melbourne time (AEST)

Want to put your skills to the test? Try out some new problems with friends? Interested in earning some prizes?

MCPC is the contest for you!

Zoom link

We'll use this link for any editorial (this will likely just be a short discussion, no slides):

How to compete

One of your team members will need to create an account on this website. Once signed in, you can enter the contest and submit code for each problem.

If you are studying at Monash university currently, make sure to enter the MCPC (Monash) competition. Otherwise, join the MCPC (External) competition. This will allow us to easily give out prizes.


After a short introduction and discussion before the competition (in person), you'll be able to work on and submit code for the next 5 hours (12 till 5pm). After this, you'll be given 15 minutes to have a rest, grab some food and drink, and then we'll join back over zoom and in person (5.15pm), for a closing ceremony - link TBA.


The contest comprises of 12 problems, worth different amounts of points.

All problems are judge in the following manner:

  • "Input" refers to stdin. In python this means you can read a line with input(). With c++, cin >> a >> b... captures space separate strings.
  • "Output" refers to stdout. In python this means you can output a line with print. With c++, cout << a << b... prints objects.

You should submit code that reads the required Input, and prints the required Output. Make sure to specify the correct language when submitting. (NOTE: If submitting with Python, PyPy will almost always be faster and work exactly the same.)

After submission, your code will be placed in a queue for judging, after this occurs, each test case will return one of the following responses:

  • AC / Accepted: You solve the test case, Congratulations!
  • WA / Wrong Answer: Your code ran, but it gave an incorrect answer.
  • TLE / Time Limit Exceeded: Your code took too long with the input provided to finish execution.
  • MLE / Memory Limit Exceeded: Your code tried to allocate to much memory on execution.
  • RTE / Runtime Error: Your code crashed with the input provided.
  • Internal Error: Our judge has something wrong with it, please let us know!

If your code does not return AC for the sample test case (This will always be test 1), then the judge will stop running your code.

After this, you will score points according to how many of the other test cases returned AC. (For 30 and 100 point problems, you need to pass all test cases to get any points).

Languages Available

All problems should have access to Python3 (and PyPy3, which should be faster), C++20, Java, Rust, C, C#, Javascript, and many other variants. Simply select this language from the dropdown when submitting.

Some problems might have language specific time/memory bounds, be sure to check the sidebar of each problem for more information.

Cheating / Plagiarism / Messing

All prize winners will have an extremely short interview to ensure that the work they've done is their own, after the competition. Any attempts to cheat or collude will result in instant disqualification from the competition.

Attempts to overload the judging system or in any way mess with the judging system will also be met with an instant disqualification. Only use the judging system to submit code for each problem. Only submit code if you've made changes, and are confident that any fixes you've made will actually change the outcome of judging.


For any issues/queries you've spotted with certain problems, please raise a clarification and we'll try to get on it as soon as possible. If any clarification would benefit all competitors, we will post the response as a comment to this competition (Visible below)


Problem Points AC Rate Users
Screeching Birds 100p 34.8% 38
Meow Meow 100p 28.8% 34
Fun Race 10p 32.0% 32
Trading Cards 100p 17.3% 22
Short Circuit 30p 20.8% 15
Kicking Kangaroo 20p 0.0% 0
Card Trick 10 12.7% 7
Coffee Crisis 100p 5.7% 8
Play of the Game 30 0.0% 0
Cats and Dogs around the Table 100 31.3% 5
Diabolical Defuser 10 15.0% 3
CyberCrime 100 21.4% 2
Inflated Stonks 100 20.0% 1


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    artsstudents  commented on Oct. 1, 2022, 12:45 p.m.

    Hi, how to raise clarifications? Is it just through this comment thing?

    • 0
      admin  commented on Oct. 1, 2022, 12:51 p.m.

      You can raise a 'ticket' within a particular problem page, or just leave a comment here if it isn't helping others.